JPlan Electronic Work Instructions

1990 - 2019


J- PLAN is based on A-PLAN, which was introduced in 1990. A-PLAN was restricted to Macintosh hardware, using many of the multimedia features of the Mac OS.


J-Plan was ported to SUN Java language. J-PLAN then ran run on almost any computer operating system: Linux, Windows, Mac.

J-PLAN is a 100% pure Java system.

The system is fully client/server in nature, relying on standard Internet technologies and browsers.

  • Communications with TCP/IP means that clients and servers may reside in the same intranet or different intranets on the Internet, on the same or differing hardware and operating system environments.

  • LDAP based user authentication

  • SQL Server relational database storage


JPWebForms was introduced as a Java App Server based application without client software, except a standard browser.


Show me an EWI
The first cloud based electronic work instructions.


Java thick client application

Step by Step Operations

Multimedia video and photos coordinated with each assembly step

Bill of Material Pars, Tools, and Comsumables coordinatted with each assembly step

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