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W3bP1n is a public cloud based service on the Internet. This combines all the feature of JPlan and DPlan (see products below)

Show me an EWI This product is the fourth generation release of Microneering's Electronic Work Instructions.

Any users can connect via the Internet and create and use their own EWI's and use them for productive application in the manufacturing cycle.


Easily generated data collection forms and connect them with EWI for as built data collection

Keys into database table are outlined in green and required. Numeric fields are blue

The Load All function loads the main form record identified by all keys and loads all related tables using a partial key. In this form Part, Serial, and OP for a partial key into many other tables identified with the heading “Query” below.

Multiple datasets from other forms are loaded for this serial number and all displayed on a single page to list all informational data points collected for the serial number during production.

Data entry is closed after work orders are closed, but data display is still available.

Show me a Space Shuttle Data Collection Web Form


JPlan is a pure Java based Electronic Work Instruction (EWI)

It can be configured as a stand alone work cell instalation, or combined with JPServer as a client server system. In the server configuration, many EWI's can be stored on a central server and used by the client as needed.

Image and bill of material are changed as each operation step is selected.

Database connectivity for data collection is provided using DPlan.

Initial release 1992, as a Mac OS application. Released in 1997 as a pure Java application. Operates on Windows, Unix, Mac operating systems.

EWI operates in browsers or as a stand alone application.

EWI shows unlimited graphics and video per operation/step.

Operations are navigated with a button bar.

Local user copies are stored and user continues to work when networking is down.


DPlan is a high performance database front end

It isolates applications from the specific details of any database, and thus supports any database.

Use different databases in same transaction: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, etc.

DPlan caches database request, which can be prioritized to run immediately, later, or after hours.

For example, mainframe batch processes may run after midnight in a specific geo.
DPlan can be configured to store the database inserts for data only required for batch at night. Then DPlan will insert these at night before batch starts. These queueing methods provide higher performance during high peak day time hours.

LDAP Windows authentication is used to validate user logons.

DPlan is used for Microneering's cloud EWI(w3bp1n) and Data Collection(w3b4m) via a public API available to customers that develop there own web applications.

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